New Jersey Perinatal Associates – Who We Are

At New Jersey Perinatal Associates, it is our mission to provide the highest quality high-risk pregnancy care for women and families throughout New Jersey, from the very beginning of pregnancy all the way through labor and delivery. NJPA was officially formed in 2003, by the Maternal-Fetal Medicine team that began working out of Saint Barnabas Medical Center in 1991. The small group that began the practice has since expanded to include 11 passionate perinatologists who work with patients each day at our several offices throughout NJ

What Makes NJPA Unique

Along with delivering the highest quality care, NJPA sets itself apart from other practices through the assurance that each patient will be able to make personal connections with our team. When patients come in for their first visit or ultrasound, they will always see one of our dedicated physicians. Rather than the physician simply reading the ultrasound and not interacting with the patient, our doctors at NJPA make a conscious effort to provide each patient with individualized attention from their first visit, so patients are able to get to know our doctors at the very beginning of their journey with us. 

We also pride ourselves on the relationships we foster with the physicians that refer patients to us. All information gathered during appointments at NJPA is immediately sent to the patient’s obstetrician, so everyone involved in the patient’s care is in the loop at all times. We are very conscientious of the role of the referring doctor, and we consistently work in unison with them and ensure that we are not overlapping or stepping over each other. This helps all parties involved, including the patient, because they are able to leave with the reassurance that all members of their care team are working together for the optimal outcome. There is also extensive communication between members of our own team – our doctors work cohesively every day to make sure that patients receive the best care possible, no matter which doctor they are seeing at the time.

Our Perinatal Services

Our team of physicians at NJPA provides a variety of comprehensive services for those with high-risk pregnancies in New Jersey. Our services fall under several categories, and our team will work with you to determine the best next steps, starting with your first visit with us. 

High-Risk Pregnancy Doctors in NJ

At NJ Perinatal Associates, our team of Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialists is skilled, compassionate, and ready to support you throughout every step of your pregnancy. Our physicians see patients at our office locations in NJ, and will ensure that you are comfortable and informed at all times.

Our Perinatal Centers in New Jersey

We provide our high-risk pregnancy services throughout New Jersey, giving those in the surrounding areas convenient access to comprehensive care. Learn more about our offices and make an appointment at the location nearest you. 

Areas We Serve in New Jersey

NJPA is proud to provide our high-risk pregnancy care services to those throughout NJ, including patients and families from the towns surrounding our offices. This gives those in the area convenient access to the services they need to feel confident in their health and the health of their baby.

Make an Appointment for High-Risk Pregnancy Care in NJ

At NJPA, it is our mission to do whatever we can to promote a healthy pregnancy for both the mother and baby. Please contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced physicians – we want to ensure that this exciting time in your life can be enjoyed to its fullest potential.