High-Risk Pregnancy Assessment in NJ

Although expecting a baby is a very exciting time, there is always the possibility that risks or complications could occur during your pregnancy. These health problems can impact the health of the mother, the child, or both if proper precautions are not taken. Here at NJ Perinatal Associates, we make a point to give expectant mothers the most comprehensive information possible about potential complications of pregnancy, so that all those who visit NJPA can feel confident in their health and the health of their baby.

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Pregnancy Assessment in New Jersey

Before deciding to have a child, consulting with a doctor about your past health problems is paramount. These past problems can have a major impact on the pregnancy, and medications might have to be modified. Certain medications can be harmful to the mother and the child if taken during pregnancy. Taking the right precautions before you become pregnant is key, especially for those for whom risks may be present. Our specialists at NJPA take the time needed to discuss the medical and family history of each patient and their partner. This helps us to identify whether or not genetic testing is needed to provide a full picture of potential risks. These conversations also lead to lifestyle changes that promote a healthier and safer pregnancy. 

What Types of Complications Can Occur During Pregnancy?

If you are planning for a pregnancy, it is important to be informed about potential complications and their possibility of affecting you. During pregnancy, some complications can be irritating or uncomfortable but do not seriously threaten the health of the mother or baby. In severe cases, the life of the mother or baby can be in danger if the proper steps are not taken. This is why awareness is so important, especially for first-time mothers, as it can be difficult for them to assess what is normal and what is not. Complications of pregnancy are not always physical, as a mother can become depressed during or after their pregnancy. In these cases, proper support is crucial. 

Common Conditions Throughout Pregnancy

Part of risk assessment and planning at NJPA is informing our patients about common conditions that can develop during pregnancy and determining if a patient is at a higher risk for certain conditions. Some common conditions that can develop during both high and low-risk pregnancies include:

  • Anemia
    • Anemia is a deficiency of red blood cells, which can be remedied by an iron supplement taken daily.
  • Urinary tract infections
    • These infections are very common in both pregnant and non-pregnant women. All that is required for diagnosis is a sample of urine. UTIs often clear up in just a few days with help from antibiotics.
  • Gestational Diabetes
    • This condition is where sugars cannot be broken down efficiently, leading to high blood sugar levels. This can cause complications such as early birth or the child having breathing problems. A doctor can put you on an appropriate diet to minimize these risks.
  • Preeclampsia
    • Preeclampsia is a condition that causes dangerously high blood pressure in pregnant women. It usually occurs after 20 weeks of pregnancy. At NJPA, we will monitor your blood pressure so the proper steps can be taken if it begins to rise. 

At NJPA, we want to make sure that those planning a pregnancy in NJ have access to specialists who can assess any risks that are present and help them plan accordingly. We see patients at our office locations in NJ, including patients from the surrounding towns, providing comprehensive perinatal care.

Our maternal-fetal medicine specialists at NJPA have years of experience providing care at all stages of pregnancy. The members of our team work together to ensure that patients are always fully informed about all decisions made for their health and the health of their baby. 

Facing a medical complication during your pregnancy can add stress to what should be a special time. NJPA is proud to provide care for those with high-risk pregnancies both before and during the pregnancy so that risks and potential complications can be assessed and handled accordingly. The care we provide for medical complications of pregnancy includes:

Prenatal Risk Assessment & Planning in New Jersey

Planning for a pregnancy can be stressful, but it is also one of the most memorable times in a woman’s life. Being aware of the potential risks and conditions associated with pregnancy is extremely important. If an uninformed mother misinterprets signs that her body is giving her, the life of the mother and child could be at risk. Understanding the risks of pregnancy allows parents to plan for the pregnancy efficiently. At NJ Perinatal Associates, we offer prenatal risk assessment and planning to promote patient education, which benefits both the mother and baby alike. To learn more about our perinatal care services in NJ and how we can help you before and during your pregnancy, please contact us today.

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