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At New Jersey Perinatal Associates, we specialize in caring for women whose pregnancies are considered high-risk due to medical, surgical, and obstetrical risk factors. Our award-winning Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialists, also known as perinatologists, have provided care in the North Central New Jersey area for almost 20 years. While many of our patients come from Morris, Essex, Union, Hudson, Monmouth, Middlesex, and Sussex counties, we’ve offered care for women throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York. Our team consists of extensively trained and board-certified physicians, nurses, ultrasonographers, and genetic counselors, carefully assembled to provide our patients with the best care possible.

We understand that having a pregnancy that is considered high-risk can add stress to what should be an exciting time. We want to ensure that all of your questions are answered and that you fully understand all steps taken for your health, along with how the care process works at NJPA. Learn more below about the role that NJPA will play in your pregnancy and the types of care you will have access to at our high-risk pregnancy centers in NJ.

Frequently Asked Questions about High-Risk Pregnancy Care in NJ

Several factors can lead to a pregnancy being considered high-risk. This generally means that you or your baby may be at increased risk of health problems before, during, and after delivery. A high-risk pregnancy can be due to certain medical issues that develop before or during pregnancy or due to lifestyle factors or conditions of the pregnancy. Examples of factors that can make a pregnancy high-risk include high blood pressure, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), diabetes, kidney disease, younger or older age, alcohol and tobacco use, being pregnant with multiples, gestational diabetes, and previous preterm birth. The proper care during your high-risk pregnancy is key to keeping you and your baby safe and healthy.

NJPA offers a wide range of services and procedures to provide the optimal result for a mother and her unborn baby. A preconception consultation prior to your pregnancy allows you to meet with our perinatologists to review your medical and pregnancy history. Then, a carefully tailored and individualized care plan can be made to optimize your chances of a successful pregnancy outcome.

For women who are already pregnant in NJ, typical procedures include first and second-trimester genetic risk assessment, high-resolution fetal ultrasound (including 3D/4D), MaterniT21™ PLUS Down syndrome test, chorionic villous sampling, amniocentesis, fetal echocardiography, fetal growth monitoring, Doppler blood flow studies, fetal biophysical evaluations (non-stress test, amniotic fluid volume assessments, and biophysical profiles), and select fetal therapy.

Our full range of services includes:

For some patients, your obstetrician will fax a request for consultation along with all of your pregnancy records to our office. Our office will then contact you to schedule an appointment. For other patients, your doctor will instruct you to call our office to make an appointment. Our staff will be happy to help if that is the case. Of course, having the reason for the visit and your insurance information on hand when you call will expedite the process of scheduling your appointment.

We are consultants to your primary obstetrician. Since they usually send you to us, they will specify how we can best assist and help them manage your pregnancy. Should you request a preconception consultation, it may be possible for us to see you as a self-referral, but we will still need all relevant past medical records PRIOR to your visit.

NJPA recommends that any couple planning to become pregnant undergoes preconception counseling, testing, and appropriate medical care. Our treatment plans are intended to mitigate health issues that may affect your baby, along with obstetrical health issues that can affect the pregnancy itself. This is especially true for those of advanced maternal age (35 years or older at the time of delivery) or those with a history of preterm labor/premature birth. The type of testing you receive as part of the preconception counseling process depends on your personal situation and medical history. We will also let you know if genetic counseling is recommended. No matter what level of preconception counseling you receive, we will ensure that all of your questions are answered and concerns are addressed.

Our team will inform you of specific preparation instructions that may be needed for your appointment at NJPA, depending on the type of test you are scheduled for. For example, most tests require you to drink a certain amount of water beforehand and come to your appointment with a full bladder. We also encourage you to come prepared with any questions you may have for your provider during your appointment.

Your insurance plan will specify the level of coverage for your maternal-fetal care. NJPA’s billing staff can assist you and your insurance company.

We accept most health plans. You may be required to make a co-pay at each visit. Please check with your individual insurance policy for details.

We work with you and your physician to ensure that all members of the team caring for the expectant mother and her fetus are involved in the decision-making. Careful and timely communication is an integral part of your care at NJPA. We will ensure that you fully understand the reasoning behind all decisions made for your treatment and the care of your baby.

Absolutely! Your OB/GYN remains an important member of your caregiver team. We keep him or her closely informed throughout every step of your evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up. Likewise, your obstetrician remains your delivering doctor. We are proud to create strong relationships with our referring doctors so that patients can be assured that all members of their care team are kept in the loop throughout their entire pregnancy.

We do not permit videotaping of exams but will be happy to give you photos whenever possible.

Our ultrasound machines in NJ are 3D and 4D capable. We often employ this technology to help refine and diagnose certain structural aspects of the fetus. For example, with a 3D Ultrasound in NJ, the ultrasonographer is able to see characteristics such as height, width, and depth of the fetal anatomy, which may improve the examination of a suspected fetal anomaly. 4D Ultrasounds have the additional advantage of being able to visualize your baby’s movements in real-time on a screen. This type of ultrasound has the same benefits as a 3D ultrasound but also allows the physician to study the movement of the baby’s organs. These types of ultrasounds are only performed when medically necessary.

We know that many patients will want pictures of their baby’s face or other areas as mementos, and we will do our best to get those for you as time and individual situations permit.

While we understand the desire of patients to include their small children in the evaluation of their siblings, it is important to remember that this is a medical examination. Therefore, your medical team needs to be able to concentrate on you and your unborn child. Unfortunately, young children frequently become bored during a prolonged examination. Furthermore, children may unwittingly bring infections such as chickenpox, flu, or parvovirus into a waiting room of expectant mothers.

We will make every effort to bring your children into the room AFTER the exam is finished as time and individual situations permit. If a child is brought with you to the office, we ask that a spouse/partner or other caregiver remain with the child in the waiting area until called.

**In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been updating our guidelines accordingly for the health and safety of our patients and staff. As of August 2022, one guest over the age of 18 will be allowed to accompany patients at our Livingston, Teaneck, Paramus, Parsippany, Westfield, and Warren locations. At the present time, hospital policies at our Belleville Clara Maass location continue to prohibit visitors from accompanying our patients.

Your delivery will be performed by your obstetrician at the hospital of your choice.

Please contact your primary doctor for all routine prenatal questions. If you experience a problem related to your high-risk condition, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our perinatal nurse at (973) 322 – 5287.

Our offices are conveniently located throughout NJ, so patients can easily access our team and services. We will work with you to support a healthy pregnancy and delivery and make sure that all of your concerns are addressed every step of the way. Our high-risk pregnancy care centers in New Jersey include:

If you believe that we could help care for your pregnancy, or want to ensure that NJPA is your Maternal-Fetal Medicine team, make sure your doctor knows. Your primary doctor will refer you to our practice for an initial consultation.

Meet Our Physicians at NJPA

Since our practice first began with the Maternal-Fetal Medicine team working out of Saint Barnabas Medical Center, it has expanded to include a group of perinatologists who work with patients at all stages of pregnancy. Patients coming in for their first visit or ultrasound will always see one of our dedicated physicians. From that point on, our doctors work cohesively to ensure that every member of the patient’s care team is kept on the same page. Learn more about our high-risk pregnancy doctors in NJ:

Where Our Patients Are Coming From

We are happy to serve patients from the towns surrounding our offices and provide comprehensive care for those throughout New Jersey. We regularly see patients from the following towns, among others.

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