Genetic Pregnancy Screening in NJ

NJ Perinatal Associates allows our patients to take part in genetic testing during the early stages of pregnancy. This gives potential parents the option of finding out if the fetus has any genetic complications. We want to ensure that expectant parents in NJ have as much information about their pregnancy and the health of their baby as possible. Learn more about genetic pregnancy screening in NJ at New Jersey Perinatal Associates.

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What is Prenatal Genetic Screening? 

Genetic screening falls under the umbrella of prenatal genetic testing. Screening tests are used to screen for potential birth defects and provide expectant parents with more information about their pregnancy and the health of their baby. It is important to note that genetic screening is not the same thing as genetic testing. Screening calculates the odds of a child being born with an abnormality. Genetic testing can allow doctors to see chromosomal abnormalities and the conditions associated with these abnormalities. There are many screening tests available to pregnant women in NJ, including non-invasive prenatal testing for Down syndrome. 

What are the Odds of my Child Being Born with a Genetic Disorder? 

The odds of a child having a genetic disorder come from a variety of sources. The genetic screening test is viewed along with a myriad of other factors. Family genetic history and the mother’s age are even put into account when calculating these odds. 1 out of every 33 children is born with some kind of birth defect, so it is more common than many parents think. Testing for conditions like Down syndrome or sickle cell anemia can be important in how the rest of the pregnancy is approached. Certain conditions can force an expectant mother to modify her diet or activity levels.

What are the Different Types of Prenatal Genetic Screening Tests? 

Prenatal genetic screening includes different types of tests to determine the risk of your baby being born with certain disorders. The tests evaluate the different substances in a mother’s blood that are usually linked to genetic disorders. Carrier screening tests are available for prospective parents and involve a blood or tissue sample from the inside of the cheek. This type of test can be done before or during pregnancy and can be used to scan for the presence of genes for certain inherited disorders. Prenatal genetic screening tests can also be performed via a pregnant woman’s blood or ultrasound findings. This is what first-trimester and second-trimester screenings refer to. These types of tests can include:

  • Nuchal translucency screening to check for the risk of Down syndrome
  • Blood tests to screen for Down syndrome, Edwards syndrome, and neural tube defects (NTDs)
  • Ultrasounds to check for physical defects of the brain, spine, facial features, abdomen, heart, and limbs

When is the Best Time for Prenatal Genetic Screening? 

The best time for prenatal genetic screening depends on the type of testing you receive. The first-trimester test is usually done between the 10th and 13th weeks of pregnancy. Tests can also be done in the second trimester. For example, an ultrasound to check for physical defects would normally be performed between 18 and 22 weeks of pregnancy. If screening tests indicate an increased risk for a certain disorder or condition, diagnostic tests may be ordered to confirm the diagnosis. Diagnostic tests can include chorionic villus sampling or amniocentesis. 

If you or your doctor determines that prenatal genetic screening is the next step in your pregnancy journey, NJPA is here to provide the services you need to stay informed about the health of your baby. We offer prenatal genetic screening services at the following NJPA office locations in NJ:

The members of our team consistently stay up to date on the latest advancements and developments in prenatal care and testing, so we can ensure that our patients are in the best possible hands. High-risk pregnancy specialists at NJPA who perform prenatal genetic screening tests include:

One area of high-risk pregnancy care that we cover at NJPA is prenatal diagnosis. We are proud to offer the following prenatal diagnosis services in NJ so you can be fully informed about the health of your baby and the best next steps in your pregnancy. 

Genetic Screening at New Jersey Perinatal Associates

Pregnancy and parenting involve a great deal of preparation. NJ Perinatal Associates allows parents to get as much information as possible about their child-to-be. Planning for a child can be one of the most wonderful times in a young parent’s life. Preparing for a child that might have a genetic abnormality can be quite different. Allow yourself to be the best parent possible for your child by informing yourself via genetic screening. Our compassionate team will work closely with you to answer any questions you have and make sure you understand all decisions made for the health of you and your baby. To schedule an appointment at NJPA, please contact the location nearest you today.

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