Westfield is a town located in Union County, New Jersey. Known for its beautiful downtown area, outstanding school system and convenient commute to New York City, Westfield offers its residents the attractions of suburban living with an easy route to New York. Within this peaceful town, you’ll find lush parks and an endless variety of recreational facilities for children as well as adults. You’ll also find that downtown Westfield is a vibrant shopping and dining destination filled with unique shops, trendy boutiques, and delicious upscale and casual dining. With its charming downtown and excellent school system, Westfield is a town that all residents can be proud to raise a family in and call home.

If you’re pregnant and looking to raise a family in Westfield, New Jersey Perinatal Associates (NJPA) offers a range of services and procedures to promote your health and your baby’s health. We work with obstetricians in your area as consultants to confirm healthy fetal development, and to further assist in the care of a complicated or high-risk pregnancy.

Maternal Fetal-Medicine Specialists in Westfield, NJ

At NJPA in Westfield, we specialize in caring for women whose pregnancies are considered high-risk due to medical, surgical, and obstetrical risk factors. Our award-winning perinatologists have provided care in the North Central New Jersey area for almost 20 years. Our team in Westfield consists of extensively trained and board certified physicians, nurses, ultrasonographers, and genetic counselors that were carefully assembled to provide you with the best possible care and consultative services prior to and during your pregnancy.

Maternal Fetal-Medicine Services in Westfield, NJ

At NJPA in Westfield, we care for women with pre-existing medical conditions that may cause pregnancy-related issues, and both maternal and fetal complications of pregnancy. We treat conditions such as maternal diabetes, hypertensive disorders, multiple gestations, preterm labor, genetic disorders, fetal anomalies, as well as others.

If you or your partner have health problems that may cause issues during your pregnancy, we recommend and offer preconceptional counseling, testing, and the appropriate medical care to address those concerns before you become pregnant. We’ll develop a carefully tailored and individualized plan for you to optimize your chances of a successful pregnancy outcome.

For women who are already pregnant, some typical procedures we perform in Westfield are a first and second trimester risk assessment, fetal ultrasound, fetal echocardiography, fetal growth monitoring, and select fetal therapy among our other high-risk pregnancy services.

High-Risk Pregnancy Doctors in Westfield, NJ

Whether you’re confirming your baby is developing normally, or you and your obstetrician choose to consult with us to help treat potential complications, NJPA in Westfield is the best place for a safe and healthy delivery. With our experienced perinatologists and high-quality medical services, we promise to provide you with the best high-risk pregnancy care in New Jersey. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with us at our Westfield office. We’ll hold your hand until you’re holding your baby’s hand!