Preterm Birth Prevention New Jersey

Many mothers fear the possibility of a preterm birth as it can come with quite a few health risks for the child. Preterm birth is defined as any pregnancy where a child is born before 37 weeks of pregnancy. This is the leading cause of infant death with most death occurring if the child is born before week 31 or 32. Preterm birth also is the leading cause of long-term mental disabilities as well as numerous health conditions like cerebral palsy and vision issues. The good news is that there are some prevention techniques that can help curb the possibility of a preterm birth.

Preterm Birth Risks

Seeking prenatal care if you are pregnant is a huge first step in preventing a preterm birth. The doctor will be able to recommend a prenatal vitamin as well as evaluate your medication to make sure it is safe for the pregnancy. Staying healthy and avoiding things like the flu are quite important as the flu increases the chances for a preterm birth.


Things like smoking can lead to a preterm birth and although quitting completely is recommended, the patch is a safer alternative for a pregnant woman. Being at a healthy weight is important before your pregnancy as your body should be an optimum level before the stresses pregnancy induces. The weight of the mother during the pregnancy should be monitored closely as well. Preterm risks increase when a mother is far above their recommended weight for that period in the pregnancy.

Prevention of Preterm Birth in New Jersey

Taking care of yourself during pregnancy and being proactive about seeing the doctor is the best way to prevent a preterm birth. At NJ Perinatal Associates we have the tools and knowledge to help you prevent a preterm birth. We specialize in high risk pregnancies so we have the staff that knows the signs of a preterm birth. Please contact us today to help prevent the possibility of preterm birth.