High Risk Pregnancy Assessment in NJ

There could be a chance that you have some complications during your pregnancy. These health problems can impact the health of the mother, the child, or both if proper precautions are not taken. Here at NJ Perinatal Associates we make a point to give the expecting mother the most information possible about complications of pregnancy.


Pregnancy Assessment in New Jersey

Before deciding to have a child, consulting with a doctor about your past health problems is paramount. These past problems can have a huge impact on the pregnancy and medications might have to be modified. Certain medications can be harmful to the mother and the child if taken during pregnancy.


During a pregnancy some complications can be irritating or uncomfortable. In severe cases the life of the mother can be in danger as it can be difficult for a first-time mother to assess what is normal and what is not. The complications are not always physical as a mother can become depressed during or after their pregnancy.


Common Conditions Throughout Pregnancy

Common conditions include anemia, which can be remedied by an iron supplement taken on a daily basis. Urinary tract infections are also quite common and a doctor just needs a sample of urine to diagnose the mother. Common antibiotics are given and this infection should clear up in a matter of a few days. Gestational Diabetes is another condition where sugars cannot be broken down efficiently leading to high blood sugar levels. This can have complications like early birth or the child having breathing problems. A doctor can put you on an appropriate diet to minimize these risks.


Prenatal Risk Assessment & Planning in New Jersey

Planning for a pregnancy can be stressful but it is also a great time in a mother’s life. Being as informed as possible about the risks and conditions associated with pregnancy is extremely important. The life of the mother and child could be at risk if an uninformed mother misinterprets signs her body is giving her. Knowing the risks of pregnancy allows parents to plan for the pregnancy in an efficient way. At NJ Perinatal Associates, we offer prenatal risk assessment and planning because we want to have the most educated patients to further benefit the mother and child to be alike. Please contact us today to make an appointment or to learn more about our services.