Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you and your partner can’t spend a romantic Valentine’s Day together. Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday to express your love for each other and focus on you as couple before the baby comes. If you can’t think of what to do, here is a list of some cute and fun ways to spend your night.

1. Cook a Meal Together

Have a romantic night together by trying a new recipe. Work together to create a beautiful meal for two by separating the tasks. Your partner can make the main dish and you can make the sides. You can also have your partner focus on the cooking while you take care of setting up the dining area into a perfect date spot. While you set the table, compliment your partner on the amazing cooking he or she is doing to make him or her feel special. However, make sure it’s a quick and easy meal, so you and your partner can focus on spending more time together, instead of running around the kitchen.

2. Create a Belly Cast

If you’ve never heard of a belly cast, it’s actually a cast of your pregnant form. It’s easy to create and a great date night idea. You can pick one up in your local craft store or you can buy one online. After you make it, you and your partner can spend the night painting it and making it your own. It’s something you both can cherish forever, and it works as a great piece of art.

3. Have a Spa Day

You both deserve a day of pampering, so why not have a spa day together this Valentine’s Day? You can easily get an expecting couple’s massage at a spa near you, so you and your partner can take the day to relieve some pregnancy stress. It doesn’t just have to be couples’ massage; you can indulge in other spa services, such as a facial, manicure or pedicure. You’ll both walk out feeling refreshed and in love.

4. Go to a Show

Enjoy an exciting night out by seeing a live show. You could catch your favorite band or go to a Broadway play. Wherever you go, make sure there’s somewhere to sit. You don’t want to be stuck standing up at a concert.

5. Recreate Your First Date

Bring back the memories and the butterflies this Valentine’s Day by recreating your first date. Whether it’s a restaurant or a picnic in the park, take a stroll down memory lane and plan a special evening there. Tell funny stories of what you first thought of each other and the moment you first truly fell in love with your partner. Count on the sparks flying.

6. Takeout and a Movie

If you’re not feeling up to going anywhere or dressing up, stay in! Get both of your favorite takeout meals and put on a movie you both like. It could be a comedy or a rom-com to set the Valentine’s Day mood. The best part is you get to cuddle up on the couch with your partner and steal some kisses.

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