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W.H.O. Declares Zika No Longer a Global Emergency

  Zika No Longer a Global Emergency but.. In November 2016, the United Nation’s World Health Organization (W.H.O.) declared that the Zika virus was no longer a global health emergency. W.H.O. stated that the spread of Zika still remains of great importance, but should now be categorized with other mosquito-borne diseases, such as yellow fever [...]

W.H.O. Declares Zika No Longer a Global Emergency2020-06-25T13:22:01-04:00

Your Complete Guide to a Winter Pregnancy

Being pregnant is wonderful any time of the year, but the winter can bring on a few challenges. However, you can stay safe and comfortable all winter long with these helpful tips! Tips for a Winter Pregnancy Get a Flu Shot During the winter, you’re more susceptible to getting the cold or flu. If you’re [...]

Your Complete Guide to a Winter Pregnancy2022-08-19T11:04:50-04:00

Should I Get the Flu Vaccine?

The Flu Vaccine and Pregnancy Seasonal influenza (flu) can occur year round, but its peak activity is October through May.  Symptoms include fever, headache, muscle pain, coughing and sore throat.  If you are currently pregnant, you may be wondering whether you should get vaccinated against influenza, and the answer is “yes”.  Pregnant women can become [...]

Should I Get the Flu Vaccine?2020-01-23T13:59:43-05:00

Gestational Diabetes

Gestational Diabetes During Pregnancy Gestational diabetes is a condition that develops in women during pregnancy and leads to elevated levels of glucose, or sugar, in the blood. This is due to certain hormones of pregnancy that make your body resistant to insulin. Insulin normally works to help move the glucose in food into the body’s [...]

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Announcing a High-Risk Pregnancy: The Do’s and Don’ts

Announcing Your High-Risk Pregnancy Announcing your pregnancy is such an exciting moment. Families become excited at the thought of a new member, friends are thrilled, and you are more than ready to welcome your bundle of joy into the world. However, during a high-risk pregnancy many couples experience feeling of uncertainty when it comes to [...]

Announcing a High-Risk Pregnancy: The Do’s and Don’ts2020-06-25T13:22:02-04:00

Am I High Risk?

High-Risk Pregnancy The physicians at NJPA treat patients who are deemed high risk due to medical or pregnancy complications or risk factors, as well as routine patients who are referred by their OB physicians for our special services.  You are in excellent hands at NJPA, where we are home to the top Perinatologists, Perinatal nurses, [...]

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Zika Virus and Pregnancy

The Zika Virus On January 15, 2016, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) issued a Health Advisory regarding the Zika virus which has now been noted in 14 countries in the Western Hemisphere and continues to spread rapidly. The Zika virus has been implicated as a potential cause for microcephaly, or delayed growth of the [...]

Zika Virus and Pregnancy2020-06-25T13:22:03-04:00

Travel in Pregnancy

Traveling During Pregnancy With the holidays rapidly approaching, it is a good time to discuss travel during pregnancy. For those with uncomplicated, low-risk pregnancies, air travel until 36 weeks is acceptable, though the second trimester (between 14-28 weeks) is probably the most comfortable time. After 36 weeks, most domestic airlines will not allow air travel. [...]

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